Wade Asset Management Group lend medical equipment eminence and inspection service for your healthcare facility Covering all over the 50 states, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, and many international venues. Medical Equipment Inspection Service in WADEAMG accommodates the medical equipment inspections with auspicious, authoritative and asset verifications by using dimensional capacity for measuring equipment and techniques. This inspection process is independent, complete and documented for functional, physical idiosyncrasy for accurately verifying the manufactured products and its manufacturing processes which particularized all the characteristics of products. Such Inspection done for tools, fixtures, assembling, production, constructed the parts of medical tools, injection parts molded, medical device components, soft composites, turbine blades & connectors etc. So we provide complex medical dental equipment inspections and device inspection services for your medical equipment’s out casted parts in the supervision of Quality Engineering / Supplier Quality Engineering to ensure that a specified supplier is capable of continuous manufacturing. This tooling planned on that processes which we believe will meet to customer requirements. After work on it first they run that products and then submit these to the customer for approval whereby they ensured the quality of their product which also helps verify both the engineering documentation and manufacturing process  especially for critical medical apparatus  and their assemblies.

Medical equipment maintenance can be divided into following major categories inspection, preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance.


Inspection and acceptance is an important abstract of medical equipment management. It is a major part to ensure that the medical equipment purchased is in accordance with the quality and quantity of the intended standards and can be used in clinical treatment timely and safely. Not to mention these dilemma are analyzed deeply and the solution policy are suggested.  Those are also a key step to scan the performance of the contract and the implementation of tender excerpts and for it the intention of our study are to ensure the quality, woke efficiency and activate the effects on manufactures of the durable medical equipment.

Preventive maintenance:

This generic approach in hospital’s equipment preventive maintenance is unique in medical facilities with this approach it’s possible to assess different manufacturers’ systems and products, while emphasizing general procedures for preventive maintenance.  This preventive maintenance of medical tool allows users to compare systems and equipment against conditions and its procedure based on Visual Inspection, Performance Testing, and Technical references this study was conducted at a medical device production facility where analysis was done on only the reliability of products with no compromise in it.

Corrective maintenance:

Corrective maintenance is any unscheduled maintenance or repairing of medical equipments which is required to correct a component failure or system malfunction that has occurred or has intermittently occurred while using it. This corrective maintenance based on repairing, restoration or replacement of components or systems used to restore the physical integrity,  safety, or performance of a medical device after a known or unknown failure via unscheduled working orders by the clinical engineering community of legitimating  medical equipment companies like Wade Asset Management Group.


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