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As a leader in the consignment of Medical and Dental Equipment, we provide consignment services for medical and dental professionals and wholesalers who desire to maximize the most value with the best services in the industry.

We have three options for your used equipment: Process to sell used equip

You can use this form to get a better idea of the Fair Market Value. FMV Request Form.

Our Services Save You Time

Look at the lost time it would take to research the market value, determine how to pack and ship an item in the USA or overseas, or respond to a plethora of technical questions.  Our consignment services include shipping,  cleaning, inspecting, advertising, and most importantly, selling and collecting for your used equipment. We also can arrange to transport and store your equipment for you as an additional fee for service if you desire to have it relocated with us, or if you have limited space in your facility.

The Process 


We will have you help as follows to begin the process:

  • Clean and Photograph your items
  • Fill out our Equipment Review Form
  • Submit via our website, email or send via regular mail/courier services

From there we will provide a quick evaluation and market price estimate for your review. At that time, we will implement our consignment agreement for mutual signatures to begin the selling process. You have the final decision on the asking and selling price.



logistics 3

We ship to all 50 States in the U.S.A. and internationally.  Our knowledge of protecting your equipment without the original manufacturer’s packaging for shipment, is unmatched.



Your equipment can be safely stored in one of our regional warehouses while the marketing and sales process begins.  Our facilities keep your equipment from being damaged by heat, cold, and UV rays.  A small fee, or an increased consignment percentage, may apply for this service.

Cleaning and Inspection

cleaning 1

Our inventory managers are professionals with experience working with pre-owned equipment.  We properly clean, photograph, tag, inventory, wrap, and store until your equipment is sold.

Advertising and Selling

advertising 3

We use our own website, our extensive international contacts, our wholesalers, our sales team, periodicals, social marketing, and auction sites to maximize the exposure your equipment gets to potential buyers.


Our consignment rates are as follows:

Sale Consignment Fee
$0-$4,999 45%
$5,000-$9,999 35%
$10,000-$19,999 28%
$20,000 and up 24%
Min. Fee $200

Call us at 940.242.6211 or use the Equipment Review Form if you are interested in consignment of your equipment. Or use this form FMV Request Form  to send in via fax/email.