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We offer a full range of appraisal services from Opinion Letters to formal Fair Market Evaluations. We currently provide continual services to Banks, Leasing Companies, Insurance Companies, Portfolio Managers, Attorneys and Corporations. As we are global in our reach, our appraisals are not limited to domestic evaluations but include input based on market data from the entire world including the targeted markets of the Third World. Over our history, we have regularly and frequently been enlisted by auctioneers and other appraisal firms, as they are aware of our direct and extensive contact within all major industrial sectors through our international contacts. Our individuals are skilled  within each major sector and truly understand the global areas of growth and demand and are fully aware of the specific nuances associated with determining values in each field.


We adhere to the USPAP guidelines on our services. All appraisals are reviewed by our ASA Certified Leadership team.